Diese Seite ist nur für mich gedacht!



Danke fürs Zuhören...

Thank you for listening me




You know that my opinion is not just a compliment. Your voice is really wonderful. When i'll have some titles of Celtic songs i will give them to you.

have a good time



I'm glad to hear from you again and that you are fine.

Praj i assure you that M. has a wonderful voice.

M. have you ever try to sing Celtic songs? i believe that your voice is unique for them.

best greetings


Hello All

Chris/M ~

It would be a pleasure to listen to your music - M.'s voice and Chris' chords skipping over all these millions of cables and spilling into my room in melodious, shimmering waves...How beautiful. Perhaps we should set a date for a "netconcert". I would like that very much.

M. ~ I don't know how to send MP3 files over the net...if you tell me the procedure I will send the songs to you.

It is very difficult for me to name just a few singers my love for music transcends the boundaries of language and culture. Among women singers I like Oumou Sangare, Suzanne Vega, Dido, Tina Turner, Gal Costa/Maria Bethania, Edith Piaf, Tracy Chapman, Dadawa, Fairuz, Misora Hibari...Indian singers - Kishori Amonkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale...I find Indian classical music very calming, very spiritual ... Have you had a chance to listen to it? If not, perhaps I can introduce you to this beautiful and uplifting genre.

Much Love

~ p r  ~ 

Hi Praj

We can organize a chat concert *lol*

best greetings





Hi Sorry, I'm not available 
I think a good song that you should try is: "who wants to live forever" of Queen and "Give me one moment in time" of Whitney Huston. I find them great songs and that corresponding to your voice.

best greetings



28. Dezember 2001

Thank you M. for your kind words. I meant when i'm saying that your voice is wonderful.




Hello M. my dearest friend!!!

Welcome back!!! I'm very happy that you have great time. Thank you for your wishes i and wish you a happy new year also.

Dobro dosli opet moja najbolje drugarica!!! Srecnu novu godinu!!!


If you use audiogallaxy for mp3 downloadings check about Sarah Brightman (maybe you already know her) she has great songs and great voice like yours.

See ya - Vidimo se






Dear M

The pleassure was mine. Your voice is so beautiful!!! I'll get micro so 
the next time i will play guitar while you are singing. Thank you for 
the beautiful time.

Re: music is our world ...

Excellent idea!!! Actually i have some stuff of mine that needs a good voice.We'll discuss about it.

See ya




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